Using years of experience, we are pleased to offer a specialist ‘quality of cut’ improvement service.

This service maximises the capability of the cutting units and looks at unit configuration, actual heights of cut, correct bedknife selection, optimal aggression/shear point adjustment, overall set up for grass types and maintenance procedures. 

Cutting units configured to the optimum setting for the local turf reduces mechanical stress to the plant, extends sharpening periods, improves definition and trueness. 

If required, a report will be provided with future recommendations and the service is delivered as part of a training course for both Course Managers and Technicians

This is quickly becoming our most popular ‘hands on’ training course and we are now regularly called to make sure new machines are optimised right from the start of their life. Many clubs are reporting a significant saving on blades, reels and labour too.

Please call Tom Stidder on +447976 283301 or email