TCS Delivers Informative Presentation to Danish Greenkeepers Association About Improving Cutting Unit Performance

Tom Stidder delivered an educational presentation designed to help greenkeepers improve cutting unit performance on their golf courses.

The two 45 minute seminars were compiled from many years experience of investigating cutting issues at golf courses and servicing cutting units in the workshop.

Questions and feedback were encouraged and forthcoming during the presentations.

A selection of the subjects covered were-

  • Principles of cutting units and design
  • Blade condition
  • Importance of maintaining angles when grinding
  • After cut issues diagnosis
  • Cutting unit condition, servicing and pre-grinding checks
  • Bench set HOC and actual height of cut
  • Cutting unit accessories set up
  • Aggression, correct bed knife blades, number of blades in reel
  • Clip rate explanation and reel speed adjustment

Due to encouraging feedback received after the event it is hoped that further more practical events will be organised around Denmark next year.