Pre Tournament Quality of Cut Optimisation

I recently had the pleasure of spending 3 days at Gleneagles a week before the Senior Open. The mowers at Gleneagles were already in a very good place and under control by the two very experienced technicians looking after them. After looking at the surfaces with Craig Haldane I set about trying to improve the quality of cut further paying attention to fairways, approaches and greens. This was quite a challenge as there were a lot of mowers being used on all three courses at different times of the day. The green keepers reported that there was an improvement in quality on the fairways and approaches as I set the mowers up to cut both the fine and broad leaf grasses to the best they could rather than cutting one type and not the other.

Adjustments included-

  • Using the optimum specification units
  • Working out the ‘actual height of cut’
  • Fitting the correct blades for the actual height of cut
  • Deciding the best mow speed with the Courses Manager
  • Setting the aggression so the presentation angle and shear point was optimal
  • Setting the clip rate to cut all the grass types