About Us

‘My name is Tom Stidder and I am the owner of TCS Turfcare Equipment. I have 25 years experience in the technical support side of the business with dealers, distributors and manufacturers.  For me the service side of the business is everything.  If you provide good service then everything else falls into place.  I am passionate about staying customer focused and improving customer care. This ethos can be applied right through from the sportsman using the turf to the manufacturer engineer and product manager who designs the machine in the first place.  Using hands on experience and years of repairing machines, supporting customers, dealers and distributors around the world we will save you money and reduce stress.’

We have a variety of clients that include high profile, exclusive golf clubs, ‘pay and play’ golf clubs, football clubs, municipal contactors and schools.

We also provide technical services to several manufacturers.  This includes technical support, training and product development.

Our Stats

25 +
Countries worked in
Years experience
200 +
Golf courses helped


Fairway Mower Fine Tuning

We had an enjoyable and productive day at Wimbledon Park GC working with the Course Manager and Technician fine tuning the fairway mowers. BEFORE is the right side of the …